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Our mission is to inspire a maplifelonglove of learning with a focus on scholarship. For 23 years of existence,Ed hasmore.

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Welcome to Indirapuram Chess Classes!

šŸŒŸ Dive into a realm where strategy and fun merge, opening endless possibilities with every move. Here, beginners and aspiring masters alike embark on an unforgettable chess journey. Children will discover not only the joy of strategy and the excitement of victory but also invaluable life lessons through each game. Parents, watch in awe as your child develops confidence, focus, and critical thinkingā€”skills invaluable in life's game. Thanks to our nurturing community and dedicated coaches, learning chess is incredibly enjoyable. Ready for an adventure? Join our family, and let's embark on this exciting journey together. See you at the board! šŸ°ā™Ÿ Let's conquer this game together!

What Sets Our Chess Classes Apart?

What We Offer

This program presents an exceptional opportunity for children worldwide to become proficient in chess through interactive lessons, both offline and online. It stands out due to its comprehensive curriculum designed by a former Indian team coach, ensuring high-quality instruction. The program is tailored to support students at various levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced players, with structured activities that promote skill development.

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Master the Battle of Wits with the Best Chess Academy in India

Guided by experts at India's top chess academy, we offer insightful coaching for mastery in chess and beyond, ensuring every move is strategic.

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"learn" involves understanding the rules, movements, and strategies of the game.
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"Play" refers to applying these concepts in games against opponents, honing skills through practice.
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"Puzzles" are specific scenarios aimed at improving problem-solving abilities, such as finding the best move or achieving checkmate in a given position.

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